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This Great Horned Owl is showing his defensive posture. He came to Bird TLC with a broken wing. He's now on the mend and getting his flight strength back out at the flight center. In a few weeks we'll test his hunting abilities and determine if he capable of surviving on his own.

There are 10 different species of owls in Alaska, and we get to see them all at Bird TLC. From the small Boreal owl to the large Great Horned, Great Gray and Snowy Owls.

Owls could be considered the “Terminators” of the bird world, as they are finely-tuned hunting machines. Large eyes enable them to see in the dark. Their acute hearing can pinpoint the precise location of small mammals — even under a blanket of snow. They glide on silent wings to grasp unsuspecting prey with their piercing, curved talons. Owls are aerial predators and they need all of these adaptations in order to survive.

These mostly nocturnal (active at night) creatures are the subject of numerous myths and legends which credit them with attributes as noble as wisdom, and as gruesome as a foreshadower of death. Whatever image they hold for you, there is no doubt that owls are incredible birds.

There are ten species of owls in Alaska, inhabiting landscapes as diverse as the windblown, treeless tundra of the Arctic, the deep, still, boreal forest of the Interior, and the moss-draped rainforest of Southeast. To hear their haunting calls emanating from the darkened woods is a thrill, and to catch a glimpse of their silent flight is a privilege.

To learn more about Alaska's Owls, click here to go to the ADF&G website.


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