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Both this American Robin and the Pine Siskin came to Bird TLC from PET ER. After our clinic is closed, PET ER takes in wild birds that are brought to them by people who have found them injured, sick or orphaned. PET ER cares for them until Bird TLC can get them back to their clinic.

There 229 species of songbirds, representing 40 families, have been recorded in the Municipality of Anchorage, excluding unsubstantiated reports or species of suspect origin. Of the total recorded in Anchorage, 150 species occur annually as either regular migrants or breeders.

For more information on songbirds in Alaska, visit the Anchorage Audubon Society by clicking here.


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With your support, we will continue to provide primary medical care and rehabilitation for sick, injured, or orphaned wild birds; and to provide environmental education for the public through live wild bird programs.


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