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The Bird TLC Education Program has over 25 wild birds available for live education presentations. Trained volunteers will take these carefully selected non-releasable wild birds of your choice to your school, organization and events to conduct informative programs on avian ecology and conservation.

Bird TLC presenters provide hands-on (artifacts), interactive educational programs that will engage and inspire a sense of wonder in a way that books and videos cannot.


Choose from a variety of bird species including:

Eagles (Bald or Golden)

Owls (Great Horned, Snowy, Boreal, Short Eared, Great Gray, Northern Hawk or Northern Saw-Whet)

Falcons (Peregrine or Merlin)

Hawks (Red Tailed Hawk or Northern Goshawk)

Corvids (Raven, Northwestern Crow or Magpie)

Songbirds (Bohemian Waxwing, American Robin, White Winged Crossbill, Pine Grosbeak or Hermit Thrush)

Bird TLC can specifically tailor a presentation to your class based on age, class size, curriculum needs, or time of year.  

Click here to download a bird presentation request form

To schedule a presentation for your classroom, download and fill out our request form, then email the form to If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 562-4852.


Bird TLC presenters and birds can also visit your facility or meeting room and wow your guests or employees. Presentations can be scheduled around your time needs, or you can schedule a string of presentations throughout the year. Contact us at 562-4852 to request a presentation for your facility.


Bald or Golden Eagle $120 an hour, add a second eagle for $60.

All other birds $75 an hour, add a second bird for $40.

Our schedule fills up fast, so make your reservations early!

To learn more about the public presentations that we have scheduled, check out our upcoming events page.


Educational presentations help to support Bird TLC's mission.