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How can you help Bird TLC?

While most of Alaska is still pristine wilderness, man's activities continue to adversely impact critical habitat such as the devastating March, 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound. Besides destruction of their habitat, wild birds in Alaska receive numerous injuries related to accidental or intentional human interference. Birds fly into windows, transmission lines, are hit by cars, accidentally trapped, taken illegally from their nest or intentionally shot. The extreme Alaskan weather conditions compound some of these problems.

Imagine for a moment what your world would be without the beauty and song of wild birds. Sad isn't it? If you care about the preservation of Alaska's wild birds and their habitat, please show your support by or making a donation today. The annual operating expense of Bird TLC is at an all time high. The costs of medical care and supplies are constantly rising and so is the amount of birds needing care. This year as of 9/16/2009, we're up to 25 eagles that have been brought into Bird TLC. In 2008, there were 82 eagles seen at our clinic.


Bird TLC Wish List

Bird TLC can always use the following items:
- Gift Cards (Lowe's, Home Depot, Fred Meyer, Costco, Pet Supply Stores, etc.
- Unprocessed Salmon or Red Meat
- Bleach
- Simple Green
- Laundry Soap & Dish Soap
- Garbage Bags
- Ziploc Bags
- Office Paper
- Paper Towels & Toilet Paper
- Army Blankets
- Mirrors (All sizes)
- Clean, Used Towels
- Rubber / Latex Gloves
- Garden Hoses & Hose Nozzles
- Plywood

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